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By typing your name below, you agree to the following conditions... 1. Payment for your session must be paid for before the session or at the session [if paying by check, please make the check payable to Samantha Lindsay] 1.a. You will choose 5 digital downloads for a mini session or 10 digital downloads for a full session (with the option to purchase more) 2. Additional purchases must be paid for when ordering such items. [if paying by check, please make the check payable to Samantha Lindsay] 3. I agree that the images produced through the session may be used for promotional and professional purposes; this includes but is not limited to professional websites, Facebook pages, portfolios, and displays. I grant permission to Frozen Photography/Samantha Lindsay to use the images created using myself and any minor(s) for these purposes. 4. By signing this contract, I agree that I am signing on behalf of all individuals photographed during this session. This includes, but is not limited to, any and all minors. 5. The copyright remains property of Frozen Photography (Samantha Lindsay). You may not alter the images in any way. If you would like to see something different with your images, please contact Frozen Photography/Samantha Lindsay directly. 6. The client does not have the right to sell these images 7. Photos will be ready in a proof gallery within 3 weeks after the session date, if more time is needed it will be communicated directly to the client at the time of booking. 8. The images provided to the client by digital download will be released with a print release and can be printed and used for personal use only. These photos may not be used in any way for professional use without prior permission (this includes any contests). 9. Frozen Photography/ Samantha Lindsay is not responsible for the weather 10. Frozen Photography/ Samantha Lindsay is not responsible for uncooperative individuals. 11. The photographer is required to keep all images from the proof gallery for a minimum of 1 month following delivery of the product. 12. Clients with checks returned for any reason are charged an additional $25 bounced check fee. 13. If this session is for a model call, 3 digital downloads will be provided to you at no cost except for your time. Additional images will be available for purchase. Please print this for your future reference. Please type your name below to agree to this contract.