Tips for your upcoming newborn session


Congratulations on your new bundle of squishiness! Thank you so much for choosing Frozen Photography to document this important time in your little baby’s life!!

• The best time to have newborn photos done by is 2 weeks old.              o It is certainly not impossible after 2 weeks old, just may limit the poses that baby will allow us to do (bendiness & sleepiness)

• Please prepare baby, in the 10-12 hours before your session, by giving a lot of feedings. A full baby is usually a sleepy and happy baby.

• Feed baby right before your session, if you would like to feed baby at the studio, before your session, please let me know.

• Dress baby in loose fitting, zip up, PJs to avoid lines and allow for an easy and smooth transition if baby is asleep.

              o Please no onesies to start the session as they tend to cause more baby movement which may cause baby to wake

• Try to keep baby awake a few hours until shortly before the session allowing baby to be very tired and sleepy at the session (bath, play time, songs, etc)

• If nursing be prepared for feedings during the session (don’t worry boobies are boobies, I got em too!)

• If bottle feeding be prepared with bottles/formula/breast milk

• If pumping, feel free to pump at any time, if you would like a different room I have one available – no problem!

• Have pacifier ready if you are using one to help soothe baby

• Be sure to bundle baby really well in the winter to avoid baby waking with the wind/cold

• Be prepared for at least 2 hours for your session (full/complete sessions only); likely more like 3 hours… please bring snacks, phone/charger, drinks etc. to keep entertained.

• The room will be very, very warm to accommodate a naked baby, please dress yourself accordingly (at least 80 degrees)

• Please bring a change of clothes for yourself if doing parent posing, sometimes poop, spit up, milk happens!

• Be prepared, pooping may happen. It is OK! No need to be embarrassed. All fabrics are washed with baby detergent after each session any way!

• Remember that baby runs the show – if he/she is fussy try to stay relaxed, baby can sense your stress! Remember, we have plenty of time and we will follow baby’s lead.

• Proof galleries are sent within 1 week of the session, unless otherwise stated. The final processing of images takes about 2-3 weeks for all final images. If you would like to purchase fast processing there is an additional fee. [Special accommodations may be made for 1-2 pictures to be processed sooner, please be sure to communicate this early on.]

• SIBLINGS - Please consider bringing your older child/children at the beginning of the shoot and having one parent, or someone else who is able to, bring the child home. It can be very difficult to keep a baby sleeping through multiple poses and transitions already, but with siblings the noise can be disrupting (even if they generally sleep through it at home).

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon! Samantha

Studio Info:

Address: 11747 N Gage Rd, Deerfield, NY 13502

I do have a cat, a goldendoodle pup, and 2 young boys. I work out of studio in my basement and they are not allowed in unless it is time for pictures for my boys!

If you have any questions please reach out directly. Thank you!